ARNAUD SERIE, Trickshot artist and content creator visiting Portugal

By womengolf / December 10, 2019

Thousands of followers on Instagram, a website and quality content is what Arnaud SERIE offers today through a number of engaging digital content projects.

His goal : Grow Golf and attract the next generation of Golfers with a Fun and playful approach that are the… Trickshots.

What is a Trickshot? It is an unconventional shot of the ball to show off or pot an otherwise impossible ball.

Today this discipline is growing in the golf industry. Moreover, for his activities, Arnaud SERIE has many sponsors: Titleist and FootJoy for the most famous but many others, and his videos are solicited by many Golf courses and Golf Resorts around the world.

That’s why in 2020, Arnaud SERIE will visit our beautiful country in order to make his famous trickshots in Algarve, Portugal.

He will be hosted by one of our most famous Golf Resort here in Algarve.

In the meantime, we picked a selection of our favorite trickshots for you :

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